How It Works

Indeed, our model is an evolution, an improvement, an optimization and a digitalization of a system that already works.

Carpooling in Africa

Ridesharing in Africa works differently than anywhere else in the world. Although all customers share the ride, the cabs themselves travel from point A to point B. The point A and B represents a station and the distance A and B a line.

Customers move closer to a station or a line in order to make a trip. A customer can get off at any time during the trip if he/she considers that he/she has reached his/her destination. Also, during late hours, vehicles will exceptionally pick up customers who are in the same area and going in the same direction.

Why we use The Global Positioning System (GPS)

We use GPS to know in real time all the information related to the vehicle, i.e. speed, fuel consumption, geolocation, traffic conditions, but also the location and the number of customers at our different stops who need a cab.

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How we solve the waiting time

To reduce the waiting time, we have implemented the ADT method (Affluence, Distribution, Stop Time). That is to say, to know the moments of great affluence of customers in a zone at any time of the day then to distribute the cabs, to reduce the time of stop by removing the problems of money by the electronic payment.

How we solve vehicle distribution

Our mobile application will allow us to know and understand the "mood" of our customers. Knowing the number of people in need of a cab, the hours of peak demand and allocate a precise number of vehicles to meet this need.

We have resolved recurring payment problems

To reduce the hassle and frustration of having to pay for a taxi, we have implemented an online and offline mobile payment system. The customer reloads his digital or physical transport card from his favorite mobile money service and then once in the cab the driver simply scans his QR code to pay the fare.

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Professionalism and respect of security measures

Our team is composed of professional drivers with at least 5 years of experience in the field of transportation trained by our teams according to the company's policy of "customer experience first".

Our vehicles are equipped with security cameras that film continuously to prevent any case of theft and aggression, each of our customers is previously identified according to the KYC standard.

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