Our Mission

Develop the public transport sector throughout Africa as a factor of economic development.

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A few years ago, my car broke down, so I decided to take the public cabs (Woro-woro) like I did when I was younger. And then everything seemed more obvious.

While the years had passed, the city had greatly developed and the population had grown, this means of transportation, which is the second most used, was suffering from serious logistical, technical and human problems. Despite this, I was amazed by the fact that the number of people requesting this service had increased. This was due to the income inequalities that forced many to turn to this means of transportation.

This challenge, which affects millions of people and businesses, inspired me to create a technology-based business in Africa that could generate both profit and positive social impact.

One year later, we are about to launch Taxicity, the best adapted cab service in Africa with its mobile application and tailored services with the promise of being a ride-sharing service.

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Taxicity is a product of Chiffres LLC
registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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